Holy shit it has been a long time since I’ve been on here…what’s everyone up to?!

I’m working in Long Beach meow…turned down a couple better offers (more pay, car, gas, and phone) to work here, so far I think it was a better long term decision for me, but we’ll see.  Still wish I had gotten a better offer from the SLO office or the offer in SF and not San Jose but whatever.  I got an offer to take a temporary transfer to a couple other places but none of them were somewhere I would feel comfortable living in right now.  So now I’m trying to move to the peninsula.  Hopefully I get the place.

Uh ya I guess that’s about it…killin it at work, been traveling, oh Oktoberfest next month! So excited to go back to Chico for a weekend! :D

So ya I guess that is the end of my train of thought post…woot woot

Welp…I spent a year of my life committing ever day to dealing with shit for Mid-Pac…and now it is all over.

I thought that I would be relieved when it was, that I would be able to drop it all effortlessly…but god damn it was I wrong.  I can’t shake the feeling of what if….just 50 lbs away from going to nationals…created one of the most structurally efficient bridges in the nation during this competition, all to have it fail from one stupid small manufacturing defect…just what if.  I would’ve beat the team that was second in the nation last year, doing the design by myself and fabricating almost all of the bridge except for the connections ourselves. We thought we had gotten third in the overall as well until that bitch told us they couldn’t fucking count…that was heartbreaking and embarrassing being told you didn’t podium and were just barely beat and got 4th after it was announced to over 500 people that you had gotten third.

FUCK THAT BITCH!!!! You’re an engineer, learn how to add or use excel you fucking moron.

And now…it’s all over. Everything I worked for and everything I did for all the countless shitheads that didn’t give a fuck about our teams and wasted our money…the countless hours, all nighters, and stress I went through to get it all done…and now it’s all over…and I can’t shake the feeling that I don’t want it to end, that it shouldn’t be over yet, that all the work I did can’t mean it’s over…I just can’t say that I don’t feel as gratified as I should about it…but there’s a year in my life…done.

It’s all over.


If you don’t like Monty Python you’re wrong

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Holy shit its late/early

…a lot of people would be getting up to start getting ready to go to work right now if this were a weekday.

but im not right meow



do ya ever bring your pet up to a mirror and ur like “that you”

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Current status.


Current status.



I just remembered how hilarious it was to watch this shit on national television.

This was the first time I screamed, ‘YAAAAAAAAAS!’ at a TV.

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I haven’t been on here in DAYS….

but ya some crazy shit going on lately, legit could’ve died in a snowmobile accident a couple weeks ago, still not walking right from it…pretty much burned out on school, but I just got accepted to put in a final application for a university in Norway (foreigners have to go through an application process just to be allowed to apply to their masters program, kind of weird)…got another interview coming up in a week and a half…thinking about not taking any job offers I get here and working in Europe/Australia/somewhere else for a year or so…for my graduation trip, starting it off on a surf excursion (thinking mainland Mexico for a week or two and then going to Fiji or South Africa) and hopefully do some more traveling after and in between that…I’m going to be broke as shit after that trip, gonna spend every cent I’ve saved up by working multiple jobs during school and from internships…and picking up programing again!


Soooo yeahhhh, hit me up and let’s grab a beer while I’m in town still! :D

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I’m gonna miss seeing Trumbombs getting blasted out of Angels Stadium.

Best of luck to you in Arizona Mark! And here’s to hoping you end up back in Anaheim soon!


After being traded to Diamondbacks, Mark Trumbo attends Angels Foundation kids holiday party… Class Act


After being traded to Diamondbacks, Mark Trumbo attends Angels Foundation kids holiday party… Class Act

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Is Dutch even a real language

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